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  • Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    Time for chocolate fun!

    Wishing all our clients and staff and friends a very Happy Easter break. Get out into the fresh air, enjoy your families and rest your voice. 

    See you all again next week!


  • Enjoy Speaking

    Enjoy Speaking

    The way to Confidence

    We've had a busy month. We've been training clients from a range of industries in how to take the fear out of speaking and turn it into something they enjoy. Builders, financial wizards, and government staff have been impressing their managers and teams with their newfound skills. You can too!  Come on in and learn to make a great impression with your voice!


  • Enter the Dragon!


    Firey Dragon Year...Fierce New You

    This year will bring fresh courage to face the new challenges all around us. Use the Dragon energy to fire up your projects and your resolve. Be active and healthy and full of purpose. It's time to go all in...so prepare your head,voice and heart...and all will be well.  


  • Happy New Year 2024!


    Out with the old...in with the new!

    Time for fun and games...bbq's...surf...and sunshine. Time to dream big and resove to be an even better you. If Voice Coaching, Presenting or maybe Podcasting is something you've been thinking about for awhile...why not make this the year you do something about it. We're here to help you sound great...and it's easier than you think. Activate a huge positive difference in your level of confidence. Put a course in your schedule this year. You'll be pleased you did :)


  • It's that time of year again!


    Come join us as The Voice Business Parties with you!

    It's Yo ho HO! Away we all go. A big thanks to all our wonderful clients who we've had the pleasure to teach this year. And a huge round of thank yoooos to our team here and overseas. You're the best!  We'll all be back from Jan 5th....see you then! In the meantime, party hard and enjoy your families and friends as you celebrate this festive season!


  • It's nearly next year already!


    Next year...next you!

    2024...What will this exciting year bring for you? What topics will you need to present? What will you be speaking about in business? to your family? to your friends? Hot topics this year will be artificial intelligence, virtual reality, eco-friendly environments, new styles in leadership, engaging relationships and cooperative teamwork. Come and upgrade your real and virtual presenting skills and learn how to keep the important "human"touch and authenticity in all you do. 


  • Charisma is more than skin deep


    How to have an alluring voice

    Discover what it takes to sound as beautiful as you look. We take a lot of trouble to present ourselves in the best light. Have you added your best voice to the mix? With a little guidance from our pro trainers you could uncover the real magic you have when you use your voice well. We'll help you sound natural, authentic, unstressed, resonant and clear. Get rid of what is blocking you from sounding your alluring best. Come for some personal sessions designed just for you.


  • Men's Talk


    The gentleman's voice

    Time for the men to get some special attention! Lots of guys come to us to take advantage of our special techniques that teach them how to correctly pitch their voice and excellently pitch their ideas. Nothing helps you get ahead more effectively than speaking with confidence. Come and find out how. Now is your time to impress. It feels damn good.


  • Gear up!

    Your Gear

    Time to get your gear on!

    Lots of people ask us for recommendations about what audio and video gear to use for their podcasting and presentation needs. We are super keen on Rode and BlackmagicDesign equipment. Can't beat these great Aussi brands! 


  • Podcasts are everywhere

    In-house podcasting star

    The Company Podcast Craze

    Time for fun and games...and time to put your company on the podcasting map. We've just set up a new site dedicated to teaching you how to be a great podcaster. Come check it out at voicecoach.net


  • Lost your Voice ?

    Lost your voice

    The flu and chilly days are here

    Time for a bit of a rest maybe? We're halfway through the year and the weather is getting cold. If you're like many people,you may be feeling a little run down. Looking after yourself is the first step in caring for your voice. Sore throats, tired muscles and poor sleep all affect your vocal chords...so take a moment to relax...and enjoy the other side of speaking...the silence. 


  • Executive Upgrade


    The End of Year Improvement

    Time to use that opportunity to improve your skills with your end of financial year learning and development budget.We are throwing in a little extra surprise for you when you sign up before June 30. Check out the course at https://executivespeech.com.au


  • Great Easter Deals

    Easter 2023

    The Easter Bunny arrives

    Time for fun and games...the Bunny is hopping with great course suggestions and deals. Sign up for our new streamlined online ebooks and you will devour them like chocolate! Yummy articulation exercises to get your mouth moving, combined with fun suggestions for looking great when you present. Eggcellent!


  • Simple Health Care Tips

    Voice Health care Tips

    Your voice needs your help

    It's pretty obvious really. If you didn't have a body, you couldn't speak. Your voice relies on the correct use of your breath, posture and movement to get your words out there! Well...that's in real life. Now that we are in the age of AI Voices....things are going to be different. Just you watch (and listen) as cloned voices are going to be everywhere. Make sure yours sounds good eh!

  • Happy Chinese New Year


    The New Year of Friendship

    Time for the Rabbit to run and bring us all peace, longevity and prosperity. We are in dire need of all these in the world today. Let's all do our bit to add to the bright side of life as a counterpoint to the challenges all around us. Speak with warmth and positivity and notice the difference you make. A calm voice and a loving heart will always be appreciated.


  • New Year, New Start!


    Come join us as The Voice Business enjoys the New Year 2023 with you!

    It's the year to cast off the Covid and enter into a new way of communicating. Online, offline and train line. Learn anywhere, anytime. We've designed courses for you to fit all the new ways of learning. Voice Coaching, Public Speaking, Voiceover and Accent Reduction are our winning courses this year. You're warmly invited! So come check them out. 


  • It's here again!


    Jingle Bells

    Time to celebrate the fact that we've all made it through another eventful year. Here's hoping things worked out for you OK. The team here sends you warm wishes for the festive season and hopes to see you again soon. Stay safe, have fun and enjoy your voice!


  • Are you sounding good today?


    Your Voice on Social 

    If you are you active on Tik Tok, Reels,You Tube or any of the other channels,you've probably heard some pretty crappy sound. People muttering, volume too soft or too loud, fuzzy production quality and loads of boring voices. Look. We don't want this to be you! We've got some great short courses on how to sound brilliant and influential. Check them out here


  • Do you say weird things?


    Why do you say "Um" and "Ahh"

    Have you found yourself stuck for words and only "Um"keeps coming out? There are a couple of reasons for it. Firstly, you are stopping someone else from interrrupting you by claiming the airspace with a sound. It gives you time to think of what you are going to say next. And secondly,you are possibly unsure of your content or feeling a little hesitant and doubtful that you can get your message across. Did you know that different languages come complete with their own set of "holding" sounds? "Um"..."Ahh"..."Errr"..."Ayye". Weird eh!


  • Come join in the fun

    Elocution Classes

    Elocution Classes for you

    If you want to learn how to sound clear and impressive, come online for some fantastic one-on-one personal lessons.People are loving the ease of doing classes that suit their time. Voice work is easy to do on Zoom, Skype or other platforms.You can see your coach up close and personal without fear of catching anything....except some great coaching!


  • Voice Coaching for Men

    Voice Coaching for men

    The Men's sessions 

    We've had a busy month training young executives who want to get ahead. Great to see the men are keen to improve their impact-making skills. Step up guys!


  • New financial year...new financial you.


    Get the heads up on how to make a great first impression.

    Whether you are turning up to the office again or rolling out infront of the zoom meeting,you want to be on top of your game. However, many of you might actually be wanting to join in the Great Resignation and change up your job completely. Be sure to get your interview chops up to speed as there is a lot of competition out there for the really good jobs. Need some help? Check out our Interview Skills courses here .


  • Thoughts on the End of the Financial Year 2022

    Be Gentle

    We made it through together

    Time for rest and a glass of champagne. It's been a challenging year for all of us. We've had floods and wars and disease and worries...yet the world keeps turning and the sun is still in the sky. Thanks to all of you, our dear clients, staff and friends for keeping your commitments and sense of humour. Let's make the next financial year rock!


  • God save the Queen!


    Time to Celebrate a great lady.

    One lady who has had to do a lot of talking in her life deserves our respect as she celebrates her Platinum Jubilee. HRH Queen Elizabeth has a particular way of talking that mostly remains even and unemotional. Her accent is upper class and clipped and her diction is crisp and clear. She knows how to use a mic and keeps a spare in her handbag (just kidding) Anyhow, we love her for being there and knowing how to use her presence and status to make us pay attention. Long may she reign.


  • Learn to Podcast

    Learn to Podcast

    New Podcasting Course for Influencers 

    Everyone is doing it....so we've devised a course to help you do it well! Get your message out into the airwaves and into the eager ears of your listeners. Avoid the silly mistakes people make when choosing and using their equipment and start to get organised with your programming.Check out the course here


  • Happy Everyone day!

    Womens-day 2022

    It's called Happy International Women's day..

    It's the day that's set aside to celebrate women. Have you noticed that there is no one little day set aside to celebrate men? Why are we giving women a single day to be celebrated. How ridiculous. Don't get me wrong... we love men. Just come on...this has got to change. 


  • Tiger, tiger burning bright!


    Happy Year of the Tiger....time to growl and prowl.

    It's the year of the Tiger and all things are possible. Let's move this Covid along and get happening. Move through the jungle and the shadows like a tiger and surprise everyone with the new you. Take it easy, we are all tired, however we can still move forward. We wish you a wonderful year ahead. Show your stripes! Yes you can!

  • Let's get you back on track


    Hopeful New Year

    Time to dream big and resove to be an even better you. If improving your Voice is something you've been thinking about for awhile...why not make this the year you do something about it. We're here to help you sound great...and it's easier than you think. Activate a huge positive difference in your level of confidence. Put a course in your schedule this year. We can help you learn online or offline. Take your pick.


  • Happy Holidays to you all!

    Happy Christmas

    Come join us as The Voice Business heads the New Year 2022 with you!

    It's the end of another challenging year and we're ready for something much better in 2022! We're sending you lots of love from our team to yours this Chrismas season. For those of you who celebrate other wonderful holidays and festivities , we wish you a very happy and safe time. Let's all get together and use our voices for good in 2022!


  • Happy Diwali!


    To all our wonderful Indian clients 

    Time for fun and celebrations! Let the light overcome the darkness and prepare for a prosperous new year. And in the spirit of the new,we are delighted to announce the birth of a beautiful daughter to Karma, our favourite Indian IT guy and creator of our webs. 


  • Watch out-AI is reading your face!

    face ai

    New zoom challenge 

    As if we don't have enough to contend with on our zoom calls! Some businesses are now employing AI to track your body language to see whether you're nodding off or engaged doing something else.The rationale is to get more feedback on how the speaker is coming across to their audience, so they can improve their performance and build better relationships.


  • Get ready to present


    The end of lockdowns...the New You

    Time to get ready to flex your presenting muscles as the Covid beast is nearly under vaccination control. Hopefully we can soon come out of hiding behind our Zoom calls and shake the hands of our clients and friends once again. So dust off your business suits and get ready to present yourself to the world  "live". 


  • Get Behind the Mic

    Podcasting Girl

    The New Deal- Podcasting 

    Time for fun and games...put that Covid Virus away and play. Time to dream big and resove to be a better you and inspire others to be their best too. If having your own podcast is something you've been thinking about for awhile...why not make this the year you do something about it. We're here to help you sound great...and it's easier than you think. Learn the voice skills and tech tricks to make your podcast shine and activate a huge positive difference in your level of speaking confidence. Check out https://podcastingclasses.com


  • Kindness and Caring


    This lockdown is ruff

    Time for spending some quality time with yourself as we enter into more lockdown here in Sydney, Australia. We know some people are feeling a bit down at the moment so we send you all our love. Hopefully soon we'll all be hugging and talking and getting back together. Hang in there.


  • Getting Married?


    The time is right

    At long last...time for romance! We've been helping several happy couples and their best men to get ready for their speeches on their big day. Not to mention the nervous Dad who decided he wanted some help too! We wish everyone a very Happy Wedding day and a long and exciting life. Cop that Covid!!  Cheers!


  • How come my accent has changed?

    irish woman

    Woman wakes up with new accent

    Imagine going to sleep after having throat surgery only to wake up with a new accent! A Brisbane dentist's voice changed from Aussi to Irish for twelve days. Her friends thought it was a laugh but to her it was a major concern. As accents are partially formed by changes in the movement of the mouth muscles, we think this might be partially to blame. She did get her Aussi accent back in the end. 


  • Easter is here again!

    Pink Easter

    The Bunny is back

    We wish you all a Happy Easter and hope you have a safe holiday and lots of chocolates. Spread the love to all our fellow friends doing it tough and know that we are here for you. 


  • Time to connect


    Networking that works

    Networking and meeting people seems pretty daunting at times. Not to mention how weird it can feel if you are doing it all online. If you need a little support to craft a better message come on in and we can help you with it.We also highly recommend joining a supportive group like HerBusiness Network,Toastmasters and many others to mingle with supportive and interesting people.


  • Sending some love !


    The Sweet sound of Love

    Time for love and romance. Time for dulcet tones and sweet phrases. Time for gentle breathing and soft sentiments. Time to rest your professional voice and just relax. Enjoy your day.


  • Back to the Front


    We can see you in person and online

    We are happy to announce that we are back in the office as well as online. So if you are wanting  training...come and get it! We have Covid Safe practices put in place for everyone's safety and comfort. Put a course in your schedule this year. You'll be pleased you did :)


  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


    We've made it through 2020

     Well done. We're nearly through with 2020. What new adventures are in store for 2021 I wonder. 

    Take care of yourself and others and we'll keep on learning together.


  • Influencers use Vocal Branding


    Making the Right impression

     We've had some interesting calls lately from several celebrity Influencers who (unfortunately) seem to hate the sound of their voice. Your voice is part of your 'Brand', so it's important you get to know it and love it if you want to come across as warm and authentic. Learning how to breathe properly, adjust your posture,vary your pitch and articulate clearly is a vital part of making the right impression. A little time spent learning now will greatly improve your confidence. 

  • Learning and Succeeding


    Teachers and Students have success

    We have been thrilled with the success of both the teachers and students we have been helping reach their best during the pandemic. Eveyone has had to quickly get up to speed with a new set of virtual skills, yet at the same time remember how to keep their speaking authentic and professional.Not easy, as there are so many distractions. However the teachers at Mosman Prep School and a student client of ours from Sydney Grammar have made it to top of the class. Well done all!

  • Improve your Memory with your Voice


    Reading aloud makes a big impression

    You don't have to be a kid to read aloud. Research has discovered that adults who read aloud experience many benefits. Their memory and retention improves, they can understand complex texts more easily and they can strengthen emotional bonds with both the material and other adults. So why not try reading aloud next time you get a book. Maybe you'll get so good at it that you can become an Audiobook Narrator! 


  • Everyone's online!

    Presenting online

    Give impressive presentations

    We have just masterfully produced some great courses for you . They are all designed to help you teach, train, coach and speak....online. We are all using different videoconferencing software like Zoom, Skype, Teams, Google Meet, WEbex and more...so how do you use them properly and sound good? We can show you how to come across at your best and to optimise your picture and sound quality. We know it's a bit of a stretch for some people...however we make it easy for you to become comfortable with the new reality on online presenting. Go to https://presentingonline.com to find out more


  • Fun way to deal with your frustrations!


    Come to your balcony and express your feelings!

    It's the year of the Virus and we are all doing our best to keep calm and carry on. However, some people at a UK prison have come up with a novel way of helping folk vent their frustrations without having to resort to the usual swear words. Enter Shakespeare! The master playwright had his characters use some mightily funny phrases when they were hot under the collar! How about...."churlish-flap-mouthed-foot-licker" or "spleeny-rough-hewn-pigeon egg". To find out more about some choice phrases you can hurl down from your balcony without hurting anyone's feelings...google the Shakespeare Insult Kit.There are several of them...and they are all hilarious!


  • Glare in your glasses

    cat glasses

    I can't see you for the glare!

    Here is another thing we noticed when videoconferencing this month. Glaring glasses. This occurs when you have a light placed too close, directly in front of you. The glasses pick up the glare of the reflected light. If you have tinted glasses this makes them look bright blue! What you need to do is place your key light slightly to the side of you. To be really professional you will light yourself from 3 directions. Many of the Influencers we teach use a circular light. Try sitting a little further back from it if you wear glasses or your pupils will contain a reflection of the circle light. Not necessarily the effect you are after! 


  • Building trust and rapport on Zoom,Teams,Skype

    Eye Contact

    The Eyes have it

    You've had a few months to get good at video conferencing, however we are seeing some easily-fixed problems happening all the time. We're referring to "eye contact" . If you want to build trust and rapport you need to look someone in the eyes directly. Too many of you are looking down or to the side, which is disconcerting to the viewer. Try raising your computer up on a stand or books so that your webcam is either directly at eye level or a little higher. Also...you can move the other persons image on the screen to directly below your webcam. This allows you to be looking directly at them. Try it!


  • We're Covid Safe

    Covid Safe

    Keeping our clients safe

    We have been conducting training virtually for several months now and our clients have said it was a resounding success. We congratulate you all on being able to adapt to having your lessons online. It was rather fun actually! However, we do want to get back to more in-person training as soon as we can, so we have undergone a rigourous safety and health audit to make us covid safe. We have put into place a Covid-19 safety plan and have been registered as a NSW Covid Safe Business. We ask you to join with us as we implement our plan to keep you safe. See you soon.

  • Something a bit different


    Using sound to put out fires

    You'd be amazed what sound can do. An engineering firm in Australia has invented a sonic fire extinguisher that uses super-low frequencies to create a vacuum that starves a fire of oxygen and puts it out. We could have done with this invention at the end of last year during the bushfires. Thinking of bushfires...we haven't forgotten our dear clients who got caught up in them. We also salute the Fireys who worked so hard to keep us safe. 

    What a year it's been for everyone ! Sending you all our love. 

  • To mask or not to mask...that is the question.

    mask boy

    How to wear a mask and still talk clearly

    It's the question on everyone's lips...but you can't see their lips! How can I wear a mask and communicate clearly at the same time? Depending on the type of mask you're wearing, you'll find a few things that will create a challenge for you when speaking. Firstly, it's weird trying to breathe behind a mask, secondly, as your mouth is hidden it's obviously impossible for people "read your lips".People who are deaf and people who are new to a language rely heavily on lip reading to understand meaning. We suggest, if you can, speak with your eyes and eyebrows and over-enunciate what you are trying to say. Do your best. Hopefully this won't last for too long. 

  • New tricks to keep going.

    Zoom Call Woman

    The Covid Month...so far!

    We've all had to jump online and learn a lot of new tricks. We've had to become teachers to our kids, videoconferencing stars at work and generally keep the show on the road.  It feels unrelenting. Here are a few voice suggestions to keep you sane. 1.Keep breathing. 2.Adjust your computer height so you are looking at it at eye level, thus avoiding neck strain and letting your voice flow out smoothly. 3. Test and adjust your mic volume so you don't need to speak too loudly. 4. Sip warm lemon and honey water intermittently. 5. Rest....a lot more.


  • Let's get Online!

    Happy Worker

    Training Update


    As has always been the case, all Voice Business classes and coaching can be conducted remotely, and for the immediate future and until further notice, we will be moving all Voice Business training online. 

    For those who are already training remotely, nothing much should change, There should be no disruption to your training as a result of the coronavirus.- Voice Training and Executive Coaching are disciplines that are uniquely suited to handle an epidemic such as this.

    Every coach on the The Voice Business staff is experienced at working remotely, both in teaching classes and in leading 1-on-1 coaching sessions.-- You will see, hear and interact with your coach and be able to do all the same exercises you would do in the classroom. 

    All audio and handout material will be available to you through our online portal. 

    We will also offer you a BONUS FREE session in the office once we have been given the all clear to stop self-distancing measures. 

    This is a great time to learn something new and develop your skills...so let's get into it! If you are new and would like to book a course ....visit https://voicebusiness.com.au/booking


  • The Women of Cricket


    The Great Victorian Cricketers

    Time for fun and games....We're looking forward to meeting the elite Victorian Women's Cricket squad for some advanced training on how to sound great and deliver messaging victories as they continue on their stellar pursuit of excellence.


  • Let's hear it for the Metro!


    Announcer Train-ing

    We've been busy designing and presenting a great course for the brand new Sydney Metro. Their busy controllers and staff needed some professional guidance on how to deliver excellent messages, so we showed them how to do it! Now all they need is for the equipment they announce through to be tweeked a little bit further, so that their well structured messages can be more easily heard in those sleek metro trains and beautiful new stations. 


  • What a start to 2020!


    2020 came in with a challenge...Fire.

    It's the year that started with mega-challenge for our clients and staff in Australia. Fire, smoke, loss of life....human,flora and fauna. It also started with incredible bravery from our Firefighters and is continuing on, day in day out. Now however....as is the nature of this magical land... regrowth is appearing. We hope that you and your loved ones and staff are safe. Let's all gently regrow together. Life goes on.


  • Christmas is here again

    Xmas 2019

    Christmas is a time for rest and fun

    Well it's almost here. For many of our clients Christmas is a time for family, fun, feasting and celebrations. Carols are sung and stories are told. Not everyone celebrates Christmas of course, however, we wish you all a wonderful end to the year. See our latest Chrismas video on our facebook page and put a smile on your dial. 

  • Recording for Good


    Impressive Lillian Leigh

    We have just had the priviledge of working with Lillian on her personal presenting and recording style.

    Lillian has just recorded an appeal for The Lung Foundation Australia who are shining a light on Lung Cancer. Lillian tells of the prejudice that many people with lung cancer are faced with. There is so much more to her story. A brave and beautiful woman, being of service to others. You make us proud.


  • Walking the Talk

    Carolyn Taylor

    Top Executive Advice!

    We are old and dear friends with Carolyn Taylor, Global Guru and Coach and Mentor to some of the world's most powerful CEOs and Management teams. Her advice is exemplary and you can find it in her book Walking the Talk and now her new Podcast. Carolyn uses her voice to change the world. Well worth a listen.

  • WOW! Clients are winning everything


    Well done !

    We've had a busy month celebrating the wins of our past and present clients. Advertising guru Karla Henwood won again at The Women in Media Awards,EcoEntrepreneur Holley Somerville Knott is up for Young Australian of the year and Keval J is winning our hearts in India. Rock on, warriors!


  • No problem is too big.


    What's blocking you?

    What is getting in your way as a speaker? Are you feeling unskilled? Embarrassed? Hate your voice? Don't know what to do with your hands? Well guess what. It's all fixable. We have some really good techniques to teach you and some compassionate hearts to help you. We've lost count of the number of people who've said this is the best training they've ever had. So if you're sitting on the fence,dangle your legs a little, hop down and come on safari with us. Let's capture your creativity, talent and confidence and bring it home.


  • Voiceover.com.au- our new voiceover site

    Voice Over

    The New Voiceover site is here!

    We've had great fun putting together our new site offering Voiceovers for client projects and advertising. It's not every day you get one of the best voiceover actors in the business to deliver a great read for your e-learning courses or corporate narrations. Come and check us out at  voiceover.com.au


  • It's all in the Motion

    Motion capture

    The Motion Capture Advantage

    Jul 18, 2019 by Contributor - Voice Articles

    We had a very interesting assignment this month helping on a motion capture project. With motion capture you need to make your face move so that all the dots line up for the many cameras that are simultaniously filming you. Speakers need to remember to move their mouths and relax. Pretty stressful in an odd environment that's for sure. Our reassuring coach helped put the candidate at ease and give a great natural performance.


  • Value of Voice

    Domain names

    What's in a Name

    Not only does YOUR voice have value...so does the domain name Voice.com. It sold for ....wait for it....$30 million! Holy cow! It is now the highest value domain name in the world. 

  • One Month to go


    The Voice Business Learning Month.

    We've had a busy month so far. Running speech trainings in Brisbane for virtual presenters; teaching Politicians in Parliament and coaching Chinese and Indian delegates in accent reduction in Sydney. Phew. And there's lots more to come as people are gearing up for the EOFY season. Got some training allowance to spend before the end of the financial year? Come on in and learn to make a great impression with your voice. Get ready to rock the new financial year!


  • It's Bunny Time!

    Happy Easter

    Time to stop the hop!

    We've had a busy month. Bet you have too. So now it's time to put down your tools and enjoy a little rest and rabbit time. Grab those chocolate eggs and indulge yourself. We'll catch you all again next week. Take care, stay safe and have fun!


  • The Neutral Voice

    Ai Face

    To Sir(Siri)with love.

    Move over Siri or should we say move over Sir! A virtual voice has been created to do away with the gender steryotype of the virtual assistant.The new voice of "Q" was created to sound like neither a man nor woman. Interesting. However we think all voices have merit and can be used in many different ways. AI...Are we going too far?


  • New Suite of Websites


    Introducing The Voice Business Sites

    It's been awhile in the planning,however our new suite of Voice Business Sites are live. Each site relates to a specific course and adds more useful information about what you can learn.


  • Kicking off the year in NZ


    Auckland and onwards!

    It's always a pleasure to visit our clients across the ditch. Great fun was had by all and our team was warmed up ready for the New Year of consulting. Next stop Adelaide and Melbourne. Feels like we'll be run off our feet this year. We love it though! Wishing everyone a great start to the year. 


  • Happy 2019


    Come join us as The Voice Business heads the New Year 2019 with you!

    It's the year for you to stop hiding your talents and finally let go of your fear. Did you know that fear is just "excitement...without the breathing!" Presenting and Public Speaking are learnable skills. You don't have to be a natural "show off"...you just need to understand what to do. We can show you how. Come join us...we're here to help you perform at your best. Make 2019 your best year yet!


  • Time to Party! OMG!


    The festive season is here already.

    How many parties are you going to this season? And how many parties are you avoiding because you're shy, don't know what to say or just give up in noisy, crowded environments? If this is you...come and learn how to rev up your speaking style, mobilise your conversation starters and safely project your voice so people can hear you.


  • What do you do when you're up against the elements?

    lisa blair

    Conquering fear.

    We've had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Blair, sailor extraordinaire, who's off on yet another adventure, this time, circumnavigating Australia. (She's already conquered Antarctica!) She has a great story to tell about being out at sea alone when her mast broke...read her upcoming book "Demasted" to find out how she handled the fear...and look out for her speaking tour where she tackles everyone's fear of public speaking with the same courage.Be inspired.


  • Making you "voice-ready" to podcast


    The Journey to a Podcast.

    Many people want to voice their own podcast and take sounding good seriously. One such person is Journalist Nina Young, who wrote and recorded her very personal story of her emotional journey into uncovering the truth about her own father in "My father, the Murderer" a six part true crime story. Be sure to tune in on Foxtel.


  • Yes....Introverts can make great presenters


    Not Everyone Needs to be Loud in a Crowd

    Time for reflection. If you are a natural introvert, or maybe feel you have become more introverted as you've got older, you are going to find taking a course in presenting skills will help your confidence immeasurably. In her book  Quiet:The power of Introverts in a world that can't stop talking, Susan Cain gives some great insights into how an introvert can thrive by facing their fear and learning public speaking. A good read.


  • Interesting folk

    team discussion

    We've been meeting some great people this month

    We've been back and forth between Sydney and Melbourne this month training the Unions on how to sound good on the phone;executives on how to reduce their accent and improve their possibilities for promotion; entrepreneurs in how to pitch their start up and writers in how to podcast. Big month and lots of fun too. 

  • The Four Fears


    What's scaring You?

    In their book, Play to Win! Choosing Growth Over Fear in Work and Life, Hersch and Larry Wilson outline psychologist Maxie Maultsby’s concept of the Four Fatal Fears.(1) The fear of failure (2) The fear of being wrong (3) The fear of rejection (4) The fear of facing uncomfortable emotions. All of these fears get activated when you are about to make a presentation or have an interview. However, you can learn some excellent ways to deal with them. We'll show you how.


  • One-Way Conversations


    Enjoy talking to yourself?

    Ever seen someone talking to themself and thought... Whoh! Talking to yourself used to be considered the first sign of madness. However, a recent study by Nottingham Trent University in the UK has discovered we are considerably more successful at problem solving if we talk out loud rather than puzzle it out in our head. Apparently it focuses your attention (not to mention the curious attention of onlookers!)


  • Different Pitches-different Perceptions


    Hearing is believing....or is it?

    The reason people are hearing different words is because the sound bite is being played at different pitches, or heard through speakers or headphones that are calibrated to different pitches. Could this be why men and women sometimes think they hear what the other is saying only to be told they have heard it wrong? Maybe the pitch of our voice is changing the perception of the message!


  • Are you hearing things?


    What do you hear?

    Have you had fun with this hearing test yet? It just hit the net and is sending people crazy! Why? Because people who hear this sound are utterly convinced that they are hearing YANNY....no LAUREL!...No YANNY!! ...no....LAUREL!!!!!. We'll give you the secret as to why this is happening in our next post. Stay tuned. 


  • Talking to your Dog

    Dog Talk

    Loving your Best Friend

    Researchers at the Univerity of York have run multiple tests on dogs and it has been proven that they love being talked to in a "soppy tone" . No surprise here! They like hearing speech directed at them such as " you are a good doggy" "good boy/girl" etc especially if it is in sing-songly voice. We think it is good practice for you too...as it helps you relax your throat and vary the pitch of your voice. A reward for both of you! 


  • Stiff Upper Lip

    Stiff Upper Lip

    How to hold your head high

    You might be suprised to know that the saying "stiff upper lip" that is used to commonly refer to a particular English vocal trait, is in fact a US invention. It was an early phrase referring to a poem by a US women's rights advocate. An early #metoo reference perhaps. The Brits liked the power behind the sentiment. Emotional Resilience in face of a challenge. Try holding your top lip stiffly and you'll get the feel for the mouth position required to produce an English Upper Class accent. It's fun to do and timely...with Royal Wedding fever in the air!


  • Order your clothes using your voice

    smart speaker

    Don't mumble your measurements!

    Smart shoppers have taken to ordering their clothes by speaking to their Artificially Intelligent Speaker Systems. We've heard that the order can come out 3 sizes too big if you mumble your instructions! See...you even need to have a good voice to talk to a THING! ...OMG!


  • Animals Talk in Accents...really?


    Bats do dialects...no kidding!

    According to the latest discoveries by scientists, bats along with birds and dolphins have regional accents! Apparently, when bats are moved away from their mother colony and put into a new one, they listen to the sounds of other bats around them and pick up the exact same squeals. Humans often do the same (particularly if we're having fun!)...it's a way to fit in with the tribe.


  • The New Year kicks off to a good start.


    The Voice Business Kicks off !

    We've had a busy start to the year. It seems lots of people want to sound good this year. And we are happy to help. We are running trainings in Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne in February and March and then have a full program in all capital cities during the rest of the year. Book in early via the website or phone to secure your place. We look forward to meeting you and your team.


  • 2018! Let's make it great!


    Adventures waiting for you in the New Year 2018 

    What will this exciting year bring for you? What topics will you need to present? What will you be speaking about in business? to your family? to your friends? Hot topics this year will be cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, organics, new styles in leadership, engaging relationships and cooperative teamwork. Come and upgrade your virtual presenting skills and learn how to keep the important "human"touch and authenticity in all you do. 


  • Are you speaking to "things"?


    Talking to your new best friends-AI

    Everywhere you turn you'll find yourself either talking or listening to "things'. Chatting to Siri or Cortana: commanding Alexa or Google to find things for you or turn on the lights. Bet you didn't know that they have a hard time helping you if they can't clearly hear your words. To spruce up your pronunciation...be sure to move your lips!


  • Interstate Trainings


    The Voice Business Visits our Clients

    We've had another busy month. Training C-level execs in Perth; running voiceover and speech trainings in Brisbane and Adelaide ; teaching presentation skills in Melbourne and accent reduction workshops in Sydney. Wow. And there's lots more to come as people are gearing up for the Christmas cocktail season. Come on in and learn to make a great conversational impression with your voice! We've got a great course for that.


  • Hang on...just adjusting...my voice.


    Putting it on a bit thick

    Researchers have found that two out of five people own up to using a fake voice to make a better impression on their caller. However most people can't keep it up for long.Women do it more than men but are often unaware they are doing it. The report also says that older people put on a "phone voice" less than younger people. So we don't just "dress to impress"...we "talk to impress" too.

  • Oops! Cover your mouth.


    The Secret Life of Yawning

    Most of us try to stifle a yawn because we think it's rude. However, I bet you didn't know that human behaviourists have discovered that a yawn is an evolutionary process indicating empathy.Before language,if people around you yawned when you did, it indicated that you were part of the same group. Try it out...it's contagious with people who like you the most! And, by the way, it's a great way to release tension from your jaw. Great for speaking! 

  • Why we change our voice when we are impressed by someone.


    Talking about High Status

    Did you know that we change our voice when we talk to people who we think are higher status than us? Well, we do, and it's often not obvious to us. Recent research has pointed out that women tend to raise the pitch of their voice and men tend to speak more softly.People who consider themselves to be high status however, tend to talk in a measured way. Come and learn how to talk like the VIP you are...and make a great impression...naturally.


  • Tour de force

    around australia

    The Voice Business...August...so far!

    We've just returned from a whirlwind tour of Australia...running workshops, trainings and catching up with our clients. Went to Brisbane,Perth,Adelaide and Melbourne before returning to a full program in Sydney. Lots of fun was had by all! Join our mailing list if you'd like to be kept updated about our next tour . We do six big trips per year. Plus Skype lessons happen anywhere,anytime, all year round.

  • Winning ways


    This Lovely lady loves her work

    We have just heard great news from the lovely Natalie Ayash of Dooze Promotions. Another successful woman wins big time .Congratulations.

    "It was a proud moment
    once I had completed this presentation. Filled with nostalgia to see 10 years of 
    work at once." 


  • Doing our bit for Australia


    Getting defensive 

     Protecting Australia requires some pretty impressive communication skills. We are right in the thick of it at TVB, training individual defence personnel on getting the message out there with clarity and precision.


  • New Kid on the Block


    Watch out for this Star in the making!

    This actor is definitly going to make it! We have never met someone so dedicated and hardworking as Dane Brady. He came to perfect his Voice and Speaking Skills and did a great job of it too. This guy has so much talent it's ridiculous. Hollywood...look out...another Aussi is on the way to the big time.


  • Speaking for the Homeless

    jon brook

    The Rev Jon Brook works magic

    One man on a mission with his collegues has helped hundreds of the homeless in Queensland's Surfers Paradise.Rev. Jon Brook is dedicated to getting his message across to anyone who can help. Naturally, he turns to the media. Jon came to us to get up to speed with his media skills and now he is helping even more people by being a natural, authentic presenter with a strong message for us all. Jon is just an ordinary guy on an extraordinary mission. Onya mate.


  • Right Royal Problem

    Flag Bubbles

    Royal Mumble confounds students

    Apparently thousands of German school children have failed their final English exam because they couldn't understand dear Prince Harry's royal mumble in their audio comprehension test. Guess we should pass on a few of our handy hints to him! He's not alone in being a mumbler. Fortunately it is a fixable trait. Hope the students have better luck next time :)


  • Audible Content

    text voice

    Audible Content-Challenge for Voice Artists

    When every object you see talks to you and at you life gets loud. Voice artists provide the soundtrack to your life. Or they used to. Now their profession is being severely challenged by technology. It's possible to sample and synthesize voices more realistically these days. Better watch out...your voice might be copied and used for the next interactive refrigerator. Not cool.


  • Conquer your Fear


    Is the fear of public speaking costing you your career?

    The most important skills recruiters and employers look for in a candidate were determined by a large survey of employers to be...number 1... “oral communication” number 4...“presentation skills”. Another survey of employees found that a disproportionate number would prefer to let someone else give a presentation, even if it meant losing them respect and opportunities at work. How does having to present affect you? To check out the full article from the BBC for more insights, go to our facebook page.

  • The Ladies have lots to say


    Two women talk 

    It's the year to talk about cultures,children and community. And who to do it better than the lovely Angelina Jolie. Our excitment however, is seeing that her interviewer is none other than one of our original Journalist-TV Presenter clients....Yalda Hakim. She is now a leading lady at the BBC in London.Keep up the great work Yalda. You do us all proud.


  • The importance of getting it right


    Aussi Accent-he nailed it!

    We help many students and film stars from overseas get their accent right. We were thrilled with the work Dev Patel has done with his Aussi accent. Check out his performance in "Lion"...released later this month. This is what you can achieve if you put in the hard work and get good guidance.


  • 2017- a New You!


    The New Year....the New You

    Time for fun and games...bbq's...surf...and sunshine. Time to dream big and resove to be a better you. If Voice Coaching is something you've been thinking about for awhile...why not make this the year you do something about it. We're here to help you sound great...and it's easier than you think. Activate a huge positive difference in your level of confidence. Put a course in your schedule this year. You'll be pleased you did :)


  • Happy Christmas to you all!

    Xmas message

    A Little Christmas Cheer

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful time of getting your mind, bodies and lives rested and invigorated for the new year. It's going to be an interesting one....that's for sure! 


  • Office Parties are here again...


    The Voice Business Christmas

    We've had another busy year. And there's lots more to come as people are getting ready for the Christmas cocktail season. Shy of talking to others at these office parties? Don't know what to say or how to sustain an interesting conversation with your boss? Come on in and learn to make a great conversational impression with your voice!


  • Writers speak about their lives


    The Beautiful Life

    Well done to several of our favourites who have written books and gone on to talk about them on TV and radio. The latest to hit the circuit is Jacinta Campbell, with her inspirational book on life and health. We support and enjoy all of our journalists, presenters, bloggers and celebs who we help share their fun and wisdom with their fans. 


  • Go Doggies!


    The Boys have delivered!

    We were SO happy! Our boys have pulled off the ultimate win! We have enjoyed working with the Doggies on their speaking and communication skills and now they will be doing a lot more talking for sure! A lot more!!!


  • My Fair Lady


    Voice Coaching....The Musical

    Our Chief Trainer believes she got her start as a voice coach when she was 9 years old. Being tall, and attending a girls boarding school in England, she was cast as Professor Henry Higgins in Pygmalion (the play upon which My Fair Lady is  based). Like Julie Andrews, she has been speaking beautifully ever since. Go see the show in town now. It's great.


  • Off to Europe


    The Voice Business Month...in Europe

    We're off to Europe to run training workshops and conduct extensive Accent Studies Research Forums.Nothing like hearing the natives first hand. The Voice Business distinguishes itself as a preferred provider of accent reduction courses as well as the reverse....accent aquisition! Who needs an accent ?...movie stars do!...stay tuned for some impressive performances coming in the New Year.


  • Congratulations to a Communications Champion


    Celebrating the not-so-Quiet Achiever

    We've had the pleasure of working with most of the chiefs of industry in Australia and NZ and David Stewart has been one of the humblest and understated big achievers we've met. Never one to blow his own horn, he has been singled out by the Communications Industry as the receiver of  the Communications Ambassador for 2016 Award for years of valuable and innovative leadership and contribution. David gave a warm,sincere speech that applauded his fellows and celebrated his belief in his innovative work. He was very well received...well done. Well loved.


  • End of Financial Year Improvements


    Budgets used to improve staff

    It's the end of financial year here in Australia and companies and staff are taking advantage by spending up big to improve their skill sets before the clock strikes EFY. Wisely investing in communication skills....voice, presentation,media and conferencing ...many are choosing to update virtual communication skills with our courses.Come and check them out!


  • Polo and Pearls


    Fascinating topics to talk on

    We are always amazed at the versatility of our clients and the topics they are asked to speak on. This month we learnt about Polo in Mongolia and Pearling in the Top End of Australia. Have you got a speech coming up? Come and develop it with us. 

  • Creating the Vision


    Getting your vision clear

    If you need to pitch your company Vision of Mission to the troops, it's important to formulate a clear and catchy message. No use communicating using those "same old...same old" tired phrases that crop up on so many company mission boards and websites. Come in for a pitching update.  We have some great skills to teach you. 


  • Leap into life

    leap year

    It's Leap Year...and anything's possible

    We always celebrate Leap Year at the Voice Business because one of our staff only gets to have her birthday every 4 years! So it's a real excuse to party! How do you celebrate with your team? We totally believe in having lots of fun mixed in with hard work. Enjoy your day!


  • Rocking into February


    Lots on this month

    We are at it again! Racing across the country running training workshops and building teams that can communicate with power and precision.We are seeing many of the manufacturing and airline clients reaching for the stars and helping many of our TV stars brush up their skills for their new TV presenting challenges.Time to dust of your shoes and get into the playful Year of the Monkey.


  • 2016- The Year to Have fun!


    Come join us as The Voice Business heads the New Year 2016 with you!

    It's the year of the Monkey and that means...fun..and lots of it! Time for you to stop hiding your talents and finally let go of your fear. Did you know that fear is just "excitement...without the breathing!" Presenting and Public Speaking are learnable skills. You don't have to be a natural "show off"...you just need to understand what to do. We can show you how. Come join us...we're here to help you perform at your best. Make 2016 your best year yet!


  • Compliments of the Season


    The Christmas fun begins!

    When you have developed your talent, it's great to be able to share it with others. You'll have lots of chances this Christmas to showcase yourself and speak with newfound confidence. Keep up the good work guys and gals. You deserve not just lots of presents...but lots of presence! Well done. Warm Wishes from all of us at The Voice Business. See you in the New Year!


  • Another winning communicator!


    Men in White-paint with words

    Congraulations to our valued client Rohan Calvert for leading his business to success in winning the Master Painters' Australia (NSW) Award for Excellence. It takes a lot of good communicating to be the best of the best! 

  • High Flyers

    Hi Flyers

    Presenting mid air!Now that's cool

    We've had  a lot of fun with this one! Two top execs had to pitch to an international client mid air. We helped them trim their message and work with smaller screens. No need to project their voices in the rarified confines of the lear jet...just make sure everything was clear and interesting. And yes...the pitch went perfectly for these high flyers!


  • Call Centre Skills

    call centre skills

    This Team is ready to handle your calls

    There is nothing like a team who can handle your calls with care and skill. We had the pleasure of working with the hardworking call center team at Christian Super, ungrading their already impressive telephone skills. Like them, you can learn how to use your voice to build rapport with your caller and sound great on the phone.Check out our Call Centre and Telephone Skills courses. 


  • A Busy Month


    The Voice Business Month...so far!

    We've had a busy month. Training mining execs in Perth; running voiceover and speech trainings in Brisbane;teaching call centre staff in Parramatta and running accent reduction workshops in Sydney. Phew. And there's lots more to come as people are gearing up for the Christmas cocktail season. Come on in and learn to make a great conversational impression with your voice!


  • Barker Boy hits the big time!


    Sensational Seann

    We remember you from your high school days Seann. WoW! you've put the passion into your career and your singing and it's about to explode on the UK X Factor ! We notice your American accent work too:) Keep rockin'....and show 'em some Aussi style.Listen to Seann Miley Moore on Youtube...and see how total commitment to your message and dream can bring it home.


  • She's a winner!


    Engineering PHd wins the people over!

    Congratulations to Samaneh Pourmohammadimojaveri from Western Sydney University for winning the People's choice award and first runner up placement in the Three Minute Thesis Competition. Our Chief trainer worked with Samaneh and her colleagues from the Infrastructure Engineering Faculty to whip them into shape for for their presentations. Watch out world...there are some exceptionally talented engineers coming your way....who not only can structurally design...but can present their ideas too!


  • Car fever!


    August was the month of the Auto!

    Members of the team spent the month travelling to Brisbane  and Melbourne to run trainings for our wonderful clients. We  ran some Executive Presentation Overhauls for a major international car company, a presentation update for a huge taxi transport operator and some business writing and speaking skills coaching for execs from a national energy supplier. Not to mention Sydney voice coaching for our local heroes.  


  • Three minutes to tell and sell!


    Three minutes is all you've got!

    Imagine spending years researching, writing and thinking about a complex topic and then having only three minutes to tell an audience about it! We thought TED talks were tough....but the Three Minute Thesis can be a lot tougher. We're currently running training with PHD students from a couple of major Universities who need to impress with less! And they are rocking it!


  • Executive Success!


    Executives impress.

    We are delighted to receive feedback from six of our latest success stories. Three executive men and three executive women showed off their speaking and presenting skills with great flair at a large overseas convention. Each one displayed a natural,easy style that resonated with the mostly Gen X and Y audience. 


  • Lawyers go Virtual

    virtual Presenters

    Presenting Virtually

    We're currently running an exciting series of workshops for the heroic lawyers and teams from Legal Aid NSW. They have to educate the community on important topics such domestic violence,teen drug and alchohol use, immigration and many other issues. And they have to do this virtually. We're helping them to learn how to get the most out of their delivery...and they're doing a fine job. We've got a great workshop called Voice Skills for Virtual Presenters that you or your company might find very helpful. Give us call.


  • North Sydney Council Gives Back

    North Sydney Council

    North Sydney Council looks after its Community

    North Sydney Council are thrilled to give back to all the organisations and volunteers who help look after the community and make it better. We were excited to be engaged to deliver a rousing 2 hour workshop on how to pitch your message! 


  • Fun with Ronald McDonald


    Supporting the teams that make a difference

    We had a fantastic session with the brilliant teams from Ronald McDonald House Charities. These great people are devoted to changing the lives of sick children and their stressed families for the better. We did our small bit to help them get their voices sounding strong and able, so that they can influence, inspire and comfort those in their care.


  • Media Maven


    Another excellent read

    We bring you the best in Media Skills with the brilliant Jane Jordan.Check out her excellent book on how to handle yourself in high stakes media interviews. Got a crisis? No problem......if you know how to handle it !


  • Back from the UK


    Voiceover star returns!

    We had the pleasure of teaching Felicity Josling when she first started out in the voiceover game. Look at her now! She cracked the business in the tough UK market voicing documentaries,TV commercials,educational programs and overdubbing for film. We knew you could do it! yay! And now...look out Australia!


  • Election Fever!


    Politicians prime their pitches!

    State elections are here again and the Pollies are lining up with us for a little Voice Coaching to perfect their pitch. We discretely help lots of Politicians from every side of the fence to sound their best and keep their voices working through many long days and nights of campaigning. Who's going to win? Our lips our sealed!


  • Another Star in the firmament

    laura brent

    The girl to watch

    We're thrilled that our lovely Laura has been nominated for the Logies. She is a wonderful performer and has starred in some exciting movies with such luminaries as Liam Neeson, Olivia Newton-John and the vivacious Rebel Wilson...to name a few. She's got a fine voiceover voice too. Come and do a course like she did...and join the stars of the future.


  • Time to Update your VO Site


    Calling all Voice Over Students

    This is a great time of year to think about updating your Voice Over Site. If you want a beautiful site to showcase who you are and how you sound,we recommend www.myvoiceoversite.com . Why not check them out.


  • Next generation


    USyd goes "back to the future"

    We've been asked "back to the future" by the University of Sydney to prepare the staff team for O-Week. What an inspiring bunch of people. Talking and Motivating students for a whole week is a tough gig. Keep breathing and have fun!


  • Get ready for fabulous fashion this year


    Fashion Blogger-HarperandHarley

    Beautiful blogger Sara Donaldson is so talented!  Be sure to read her blog and follow her style suggestions on Fashion Bloggers. She is all class! We loved working with her.


  • Off and racing!


    They're off and running for 2015!

    If being able to be able to call a race at high speed and interview people at the crack of dawn sounds daunting to you, come and learn how to do it with us. We've just had the pleasure of training an up-and-coming presenter to take the reins...and she's off...to the winner's circle!


  • Fabulous Sydney girl becomes fabulous presenter.

    In the news

    The Girl to Watch

    Our latest Presenter gal hits the big time ! Strutting her style at the Golden Globes. Now she's been nominated as Best New Talent in Australia. Go Ksenija!


  • Another Year...another opportunity to master your speaking skills.


    The Voice Business welcomes the New Year 2015!

    We at The Voice Business are thrilled to be heading into the new year with a fresh array of updated courses and great training for you. We loved working with all our great clients in 2014...and we're looking forward  to seeing you and your teams back with us to freshen up your skill set. Try something new, put some polish on your presentations and get ready to blast off with new presentation software!.Make 2015 your year to shine!


  • Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season


    Christmas is here again!

    We at The Voice Business wish all our past clients, present clients and future clients, trainers and suppliers a very Merry Xmas and look forward to working with you all in the New Year. Check out the Christmas card video we made for you on our facebook page at www.facebook.com/TheVoiceBusiness. Sing, be happy and love one another! Cheers!


  • Got a Presentation coming up?

    In the news

    Presentations to give?

    End of year presentations, updates, meetings and new year planning. It never stops does it ! If you need a little assistance or hand holding to get your confidence up for your next presentation, we can help you. Most people who come to us are great at their jobs but a little nervous when it comes to presenting. Don't suffer in silence. We can teach you how to get your voice and body working intelligently ... so you make the right impression!


  • Tv Presenters tune up

    In the news

    Program your Voice for success

    Several TV Presenters have been lined up to start perfecting their vocal skills. Their respective channels are getting them ready for the New Year and new programming. Is it time for you to tune up your act too?


  • Women at Sydney: share, connect, change symposium

    In the news

    Impressive women give impressive presentations

    We have just had the priviledge of working with some of the best and brightest minds in Australia on their personal presenting style.

    Coming from a diverse range of disciplines such as Astrophysics,Pharmacology,Business Entrepreneurship and Youth Leadership,these women had plenty to say and contribute.They applied everything they learned.What a great symposium it was at The Universityof Sydney! 


  • What a fantastic team!


    RMHC pulls out all the stops!

    If you want to be inspired by what good can be done in the world, look no further than Ronald McDonald House Charities. Supporting seriously ill children and their families in numerous ways, they present their message with sincerity and gusto. Keep up your great work. You are a well-led, enthusiastic team of incredible people..


  • Spanish to English-Bravo Senor !


    Spain's hottest photographer speaks

    We've just had fun helping the wonderful Manuel Vincente,photojournalist extraordinaire,to sound great on an upcoming commercial. Manuel,a native of Spain,had to get his accent in focus so he could be clear and convincing. So happily,the production company came to us for some help. We dialect consult for lots of productions and are always at the  ready to help reduce an accent and increase a presenter's confidence.Ole!


  • Vocal Intelligence at it's best


    Madame, you are manifique.

    This elegant lady, Christine LaGarde,speaks with a voice that has both men and women listening. Her pace is measured, her accent is suble, her tone is superb and her vocal intelligence is on display for all to hear. 


  • Brownlow Medal winner speaks!


    This guy makes us proud

    It's great to hear a really humble guy talk. Matt Pridis had just won the Brownlow Medal for his sporting prowess after being overlooked many times. One other outstanding thing about Matt is that he can speak with vocal variety better than most in his code. We love training AFL players-so send yout teams along.


  • Message from our friend Rich Dad's Robert Kiyosaki

    Be Both

    The "sell" of communication

    Rich dad said, “Keep improving your ability to sell and to communicate. Your wealth, your power and your happiness improve with your ability to communicate. It is your most important skill in the world of business and in life. Keep improving your communication skills and your life will also improve.”


  • The Magical Fairy- with an Order of Australia!

    Fairy Sparkle

    Fairy Sparkle uses her voice to tell wonderful stories and magical tales

    Fairy Sparkle has dedicated her life's work to others. Visiting the sickest patients, especially children in our hospitals, building gardens and inspiring people to donate to worthy foundations that help the sick. She brings smiles to sad faces, lifts spirits that are sagging, inspires those that need it, sits with those in the depths of despair and has held the hand of many at their 'passing'.

    Ever since we met you, Fairy, we have been moved by your beautiful spirit. It has been a privilege to have been there at the very beginning of your magical journey. Sparkle on!


  • The Bear has died

    Doc Neeson

    Doc Neeson-Rock star and Trainer

    We are all sad that a great pal of ours has died today.All great rock stars need a voice coach and Doc came to us many years ago to brush up on his technique. He was so impressed with us and we with him that he became one of our most loved corporate trainers. Hes lost his fight for life today to a brain tumor. Join us in sending your love and respect. He's was an Icon and the nicest guy. Rock for Doc. Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again.


  • Top Drama Students learn VoiceOver

    In the news

    Voice Over Skills for Actors

    We've just run a fantastic 3-day VoiceOver training workshop for The Canberra Academy of Dramatic Art. The students were fantastic and left the workshop with a new perspective on the art of voiceover. They unanimously gave us rave reviews. We wish this talented gang of actors the very best as they start their careers in the Entertainment Business.


  • Conferences are Opportunities to Shine

    confident public speaking

    Conference Speaking  Big League

    We have recently trained several corporate execs from different companies to deliver top presentations at conferences around the world. One went to Shanghai, another to Singapore, one went to Melbourne and another to the US of A. Learning how to command attention, organise your material, and use the latest in multimedia is a tough call. Come and find out how to shine next time you need to be the Company's star performer!


  • Lady of the Track


    Driver harnesses her Voice for TV

    One of Australia's top Harness racing drivers is strutting her stuff with a new gig. Seryn Adams is taking the Sky TV family by storm as a new presenter on Trotts.TV. We helped put her through her paces and she came up a sure-fire winner! 


  • AFL Football gets some top media coaching


    The Big men Fly...and Speak

    We've coached some great teams in the past and this year we put the big boys from the Bulldogs through their media paces.Watch these guys go! They'll have lots to speak about this season for sure.


  • Talk to your Animals

    In the news

    They love you when you speak to them

    You knew it all along right.! Now the latest scientific research published in the Journal of Current Biology, proves that your pets respond to your tone of voice.Parts of their brain lights up in response to certain sounds emitted when you are experiencing certain emotions.This is what makes communication between humans and dogs (in particular) so efficient. Time to speak to the animals!


  • What speaking up can do for the World

    In the news

    Take a lesson in bravery from Malala

    Just over a year ago this brave young girl was shot in the head for speaking up about the rights of girls to have an education. She faced the fear that most of us have deep down when speaking in public. The fear that someone won't like us. Not only did she come through the ordeal, but she has continued to speak up for something she believes in. Despite the fact that people are still out to silence her. Make's your own fear look pretty small doesn't it. Join us in supporting The Malala Fund at www.malalafund.org


  • Lovely lady brings lots of Luck!

    In the news

    Onto a Winner to kick off 2014

    It sure is fun when you help someone who has to give away half a million dollars while sipping cocktails on a boat in beautiful Sydney harbour. Star presenter for Reader's Digest, Janet Maddock, is a joy to work with. Watch her latest commercials...airing soon.


  • A great New year beckons!


    The Voice Business heads into the New Year 2014!

    We at The Voice Business are thrilled to be heading into the new year with a fresh array of updated courses and great training for you. We loved working with all our great clients in 2013...and we're looking forward  to seeing you and your teams back with us to freshen up your skill set. Try something new, put some polish on your presentations and get ready to blast off with new presentation software!.Make 2014 your year to shine!


  • Secrets of an Asian Presenter

    Viv lam

    Presenting in Asia

    We are thrilled to have worked with a fabulous new presenter, Vivian Lam. She is glamourous,fun and delivers her segments in excellent Mandarin,Cantonese and English. Accent free.We expect great things for this young lady. And...to ice the cake.....she can sing too!

  • Another Australian Story of Courage


    The hills are alive!

    Check out another inspirational Australian story. Annabel Blake, daughter of one of our favourite heroines and dearest clients, Janine Shepherd....is heading towards the Olympics as a skiier.Fingers crossed that Annabel makes the grade. Watch the show and see how she fearlessly takes to the slopes. Like mother, like daughter. Flying high! 


  • VO guy rocks!

    Al Boyd-VO Artist

    Join Al for a cuppa!

    One of our star trainees, Al Boyd, has whipped up a great site. Go check him out. He's got a great voice for everday commercials and is a top guy too. .......alboyd.com.au


  • A lady who is always Newsworthy !

    In the news

    A woman of style and substance

    Female newsreaders have been taking the world by storm for some years now,and one of our dearest is Sandra Sully. We met Sandra when she was blazing the trail for women on Australian TV news. She has added her dulcet tones to documentaries, news stores and speaking events across the nation, and I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from her in the years to come. Hat's off to you madam!


  • Voiceover Star Series ....Alistair Lee

    Alistair Lee

    Alistair turns a blind eye into big bucks 

    We've taught a great many of Australia's leading voiceover stars to read commercials,narrate documentaries,and deliver the goods by using their voice. However, one guy stands out...for the simple reason he's blind! Nothing stops Al. He just brailles the script and lets that chocolaty voice of his woo you. Come and do a voiceover course with us. It's practical, professional training... and heaps of fun!


  • Using her voice for good on all stages


    The Actress Speaks

    We love our Cate. She is the perfect example of how a trained voice should sound. Natural, clear, resonant and full of personality. And it can make you a star too. We enjoyed seeing Cate at work again and wish her well on all her vocal adventures.


  • The Voices of the Nation go to the Polls


    Election frenzy ...politicians tune up!

    We have the pleasure of meeting some of our most interesting Pollies up close and personal at The Voice Business. Election fever will soon be here and we're already getting the Nation's leaders warmed up for the win!


  • When you are an Inspiration , you'll be asked to speak.


    Inspirational horsewoman shows blind kids how to communicate.

    We met champion dressage equestrienne Sue-Ellen Lovett many years ago when she was asked to tell her inspirational story on the speaking circuit. You could not find a lovelier woman. Blindness has never stopped her, nor her trusty dog and steed, from becoming the top of their game. Learning to communicate her message of courage and endurance was a natural next step . Paralympian Sue-Ellen especially likes to inspire children to pursue their dreams regardless of their impairment, lately taking children on a Blind Touch tour with the beautiful horses of Cavalia.


  • Weather is improving!

    In the news and weather

    Weather and News woman Sally shines.

    Another one of our favourite people from TV land is Sally Bowrey. With her sharp, sassy and intelligent take on the weather, you can be sure Sally's voice will take you through the highs and lows. Having a finite amount of time to reveal the intricacies of the sun and rain, Sally uses vocal variety and clear articulation to get her message through. So good is Sal that she's a hot newsreader too. 


  • The Voice -comes to TV for 2013 season


    The Sexy Scotsman is back!

    We've known Darren since he was in diapers and needed to be understood to be fed. This guy makes accent reduction an unnecessary art form! We tried though!


  • School boy speaks his way to success!


    Top Speaking Student 

    We at The Voice Business send a huge congratulations to Robbie Ferguson who has won this year's Lawrence Campbell Oratory Competition. Previous winners have been Nick Greiner, Malcolm Turnbull and Adam Spencer, so Robbie's in esteemed company. This school boy is going to get way ahead of the pack, with his communication skills in such fine order. Watch him fly!


  • Our favourite Iron man needs you!

    In the news

    Ironman uses his voice for good

    We love this Iron man. Unflinching in his support of others, Guy Leech has learned to use his voice as brilliantly as he uses his mind and body. He's trying to set another world record this weekend, and he needs your help. Join him on 7.30 am May 4 at Manly Beach. 


  • Use your voice in the Outback

    In the news

    The Voice Business  in the Outback

    Another interview and  great voice insights. Asked today to comment today on a recent article featured on April 23 in The Wall Street Journal "Is this how you really talk?", we gave our rich insights from the Aussi perspective. Check out our interview on  "Outback Outlook with Chris Jeremy" 


  • Tune in to the voice of business.

    John Stanley

    How to use your Voice in Business

    Here are some more vocal insights from The Voice Business.Today,we were invited to appear on the John Stanley Business Show. Tune in to hear our Chief Trainer Juliet Jordan  talk about how to use your voice in business. Interesting stuff.


  • Is this how you really talk?

    In the news

    The Voice Business  in the news

    We at The Voice Business are often asked for interviews and insights.Asked today to comment today on a recent article featured on April 23 in The Wall Street Journal "Is this how you really talk?", we gave our rich insights from the Aussi perspective. Check out our interview on  "Have you got he voice to be boss?" http://bit.ly/12MyiY9


  • Jess is a beautiful soul

    Jessica Rowe

    Jessica Rowe is all heart

    We met Jess many years ago as she was about to take up her duties at Channel 10. She has shown brilliance, not only in her Newsreading Skill, but as a host, mother and advocate for causes close to her heart. Her voice has never failed her. We wish you nothing but the best Jessica. You are an inspiration to us all.


  • Janine Shepherd's TED Talk

    Janine at TED

    Go Janine! TED Talk

    Go Janine...we loved helping you make this such a success!

    Janine Shepherd: A broken body isn't a broken person '

    >> Video on TED.com http://bit.ly/WzkivE

    Read Post →"I recently returned from the USA where I gave a TEDx talk in Kansas city. The venue at the Kaufman centre was absolutely breathtaking and the audience of 1600 people made it a night to remember.

     Last week my talk was put up on the Ted.com site and featured as the talk of the day. It also appeared in the Huffington Post for the weekend feature of TED talks.

     My talk is entitled, 'A broken body isn't a broken person', and I have included the link above. it has been viewed over 200 000 times in the past week. Amazing!"

  • Politicians need lots of help!


    Election fever ...politicians tune up!

    We have the pleasure of meeting some of our most interesting Pollies up close and personal at The Voice Business. Election fever will soon be here and we're standing by ready to help you get your voice warmed up for the win!


  • The Big End of Town gets talking.


    Corporates send Top Execs for a little vocal TLC.

    The guys and gals from the big end of town are secretly sneaking through our front door. They've been told ( ahem...politely..) to  DO SOMETHING about their speaking skills. A little upgrading never hurt anyone. Besides, we never tell on you !


  • Yalda moves on to the BBC!

    Yalda Hakim

    Yalda on quick rise to the top

    We are proud and delighted at Yalda's supersonic progression up the ranks of TV Journalism. She is a brave and fearless interviewer and a dedicated learner. It's been a pleasure to work with such a talented gal who knows where she's going and how to apply her skills to get there.


  • Women tell their harrowing stories


    From war torn Afganistan to leafy North Sydney

    Incredible stories were told by a brave group of women from overseas who have chosen to make Australia their new home. To help them tell their stories on Harmony Day this year, The Voice Business ran a workshop especially to help them structure their tales and control their confidence. The results were outstanding and it was a lot of fun too!


  • What do you sound like?


    What do you sound like?

    Real Estate Agents wanted some help speaking to their clients...find out what The Voice Business taught them...…


  • Stockbrokers learn to project


    How not to lose your voice

    There's a big difference between yelling and being loud enough to be heard. We've taught the guys on the floor how to project their voice without losing it.


  • MTV's Kate Peck..Crazy lady does Kokoda Trail!

    Inner Journey

    Kate Peck does Kokoda Trail

    The Lovely Kate put her studies and media appearances aside to head north up the Kokoda trail. Will nothing stop this girl! Already a hit on MTV , Kate is a motor head, tomboy and super femme on the catwalk. Go girl!


  • Qantas Pilots fly with new vocal skills

    pilot Jim

    Qantas Pilots use their voice to make you feel OK

    That Captain who addresses you on the PA of your next flight could just be one of the several we have taught to use their voice to make you feel secure. They take their duties very seriously. So using their voice well to communicate is a "must have" skill.


  • Voice Over stars of the Future!


    Voice Over guys make good

    We're thrilled that the latest bunch of our voiceover trainees have gone from strength to strength. They've got great demos, websites are up and careers are unfolding in the Advertising industry. Steady as she goes....well-trained voiceover talent is stampeding your way.


  • Take care of your Voice, and it will take care of you!

    Good Medicine

    How to take good care of your Voice

    It's important to look after your vocal health. After all, you're going to need that voice of yours to last you for years. Check out this article we wrote for Good Medicine magazine.


  • MKR favourite son moves into VoiceOver

    Matt Newell

    Matt uses his vocal skills

    If you watched My Kitchen Rules you would have seen our favourite son,Matt Newell, give his dear old Dad a run for his money. He's now turned his incredible talents to VoiceOver. So think about hiring this guy to not only bake the cake but advertise it for you too!


  • Princess power!

    Princess Power

    Princess Power!

    We love to help ladies sound a little bit royal! After all, it helped our very own Mary Donaldson didn't it! Look at her now. The Voice Business has a few words to say about sprucing up your act. Learn to articulate like a Queen and pronounce like a princess! 


  • MKR 's Frenchman cooks up a storm


    Manu ,by any other name, is just as  sweet

    We at The Voice Business, love our chefs. They follow the recipe, taste the techniques and bake their talents into delicious dishes. They have french accents, spanish accents, british accents, italian accents and aussi accents....and  they all  WORK HARD. Manu, Pete, Miguel, Neil, Luke, George, Donna,Guy ....we love you. Catch you for a meal at your place soon.


  • Lawyers take heed


    What's under that wig?

    We've taught a few barristers in our time and each and everyone of them was brilliant at taking off John Cleese. They were equally brilliant at using their voices...after we'd put them on the dock and cross-examined them on their skills!


  • Jesinta goes from strength to strength.


    Jesinta Campbell

    Another lovely gal who is doing a lot of speaking these days .Always stylish and full of kindness, good sense and fun.  We hear great things about you Jesinta.


  • Jak Wyld -actor extraordinnaire!

    Jak Wyld

    Jak Wyld

    We admire all the actors that come to us to perfect their skills.They're smarter than the rest. Jak Wyld is definitely one to watch. Great range, depth and vocal skill. Catch Jak in his upcoming movie "the 25th Reich". 


  • In the News

    In the news

    The Voice Business writes for you

    We at The Voice Business are often asked for interviews and insights. We're happy to help you too. Just give us a call on 1300 922 122 and we can chat about  Voice ,Presentation, Public Speaking, Accent Reduction....infact anything to do with making a good impression! 


  • Angus Stewart-the gardener presents


    Planting the seed and reaping the rewards

    When you have a special talent, it's great to be able to share it with others. Angus Stewart does just that. He's a shy guy who's learned to breathe and get on with the show. He is a career pioneer, who's tended to his learning and has reaped the rewards. Excellent.


  • A woman knows best


    This lady knows her stuff

    One lady who really impressed us was Sarah Wilson. She writes brilliantly, blogging on topics of interest to everyone. She puts in an impressive performance wherever she goes, and speaks well on TV, radio and podcasts. Get her great book "I quit sugar" and improve your health. All good communicators need a healthy body and healthy mind. Go Sarah!


  • The Mayor has spoken

    Carol Provan

    Elegance and Eloquence

    Cr Carol Provan JP CMC, former Mayor of the Sutherland Shire, puts her money where her mouth is. Carol is not afraid to speak out on issues she believes in. She has developed her speaking talents to encompass delivering beautiful and moving wedding celebrations, as well as hosting numerous events as MC. Carol is not only supremely elegant, she is also delightfully eloquent.


  • Weather Man top of his game

    Graham Creed

    Weatherman tells all

    One of our favourite weather men, ABC's Graham Creed, has an incredibly tricky job to do. He has to sound interesting and authoratitive,informative and breezy, all while looking at a weather map that isn't where you think it is. Graham shows you what a trained voice can do when you use vocal variety in your message.May the sun keep shining on your career Graham!


  • Robert Kiyosaki inspires


    Keep Learning so you can keep earning

    Many years ago the Inspiring Robert Kiyosaki invited our Chief Trainer to talk to his seminar attendees all about how to use their voice. The talk was brilliant and we're pleased to see that Robert is using his voice techniques to superb effect many years later.


  • Martial Art of Speaking

    hays kick

    Martial Arts Instructor takes to the Announcer Ring

    Don't mess with this Corporate Combat Instructor! Hays Daewoud is the MAN! He can whip your team into shape fast, he can manage (or advertise) your company and he can use his trained voice to announce in the ring to thousands of cheering fans. We're in awe of you sir!


  • The Girl with the Squeaky Voice

    squeaky voice

    Emily-the Girl with the squeaky voice

    People often ask if they have the "voice" for voiceover work. There are many hidden stars out there and Emily Holt is one of them. She's trained and crazy and ready to rock....and ...she does it all with a squeaky voice. Coming to a cartoon near you.